Design Your Own Cable


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Please note: A USB Cable has a max length of about 16 feet. It is recommended that you keep it under that length. If your keyboard requires more than average power (a lot of Leds/RGB etc.) we recommend 10 feet or less. For high-power keyboards like Massdrop’s CTRL/ALT ,HHKBs, Ducky One2Mini, and Input Club’s K-Type we recommend 5 feet max length. Anything longer than that falls out of USB spec and can cause it to under-perform or fail.

Coils (Very Important) will start after the device end connector unless specified otherwise. Coils with a detachable connector will have the Aviator connector immediately following the coil unless otherwise specified. When ordering, if you select a 4 ft cable with 6″ of coils, it will be a 4 ft cable INCLUDING the 6″ inches of coils. KEEP IN MIND EVERY INCH OF COIL IS APPROXIMATELY 1 FOOT OF STRAIGHT CABLE.

⌨USB—1″—////6″ coils////Aviator————-41″——–USB🖥
The above outline will total 4 ft. USB to USB.


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